Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adoption Situations

My friend Sarah gave me some great websites to look at to find "Adoption Situations" which are little blurbs about the gender, ethnicity of parents, and when the child is due. I found a few that I am so excited about. I have been making calls to different agencies all day. I am simply waiting now to hear back. I have a lot of questions for the agencies about the "situations". I want to know more about the medical history, where they are located, the price they are expecting for the adoption, as well as how open they expect the adoption to be. One of the little baby girls is due Oct. Dan and I have a desire to have the baby due no later than Dec. God is paving the way and I am excited to meet our baby. This is really happening fast but it is probably better that way so I don't have time to worry to much about the unknowns because the unknowns are getting answered quickly. God is so good and his plan is amazing. Thanks God.

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