Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Are Parents!!!!!

Dan and I are parents. That's right, not only have we been matched but our daughter Lilian Paige was born Sept. 28th at 5am. She is 27weeks old and doing as well as can be expected. She is breathing on her own and is aware and active. I hope I am not asking too much when I say that we are in major need. Our biggest needs include finances, transportation while in Texas, hotel stays, food, and prayer. I know that God is going to provide all that we need. Please feel free to call at 608-219-4190. We are so excited to be parents. God is good, All the time. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am headed to San Antonio on Friday with my mom. I can't wait to see and touch my baby girl.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving Forward

We are now done with our homestudy and have been given a situation to be presented for. We have accepted being presented and will know next week whether or not they have accepted. We are very excited. God has been working things out in ways we never expected. With being accepted we are looking to have to pay the full amount upfront next week. We are still in need to make this happen. We are completely confident that God will continue to provide the money needed. We are parents and will do what is needed to bring our child home. Thanks God for everything. Thank you to everyone who has provided financially and prayerfully for us.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


WOW, we are amazed at how fast this is all going. We have been told by everyone we are working with that finding and picking up our child could go as fast as October. It is all in God's hands. We are finding that we are in need of the finances much faster as well. This is all so exciting. If anyone has any ideas about raising the funds please let us know. The amount of adopting is pretty expensive but totally worth it. We are looking to raise about $30,000-$35,000. WOW, I know that is a lot of money but God has the perfect baby our there for us to bring home and love. We would greatly appreciate any advice and assistance we can get. Tell all your friends and if you need a pic of us set to help out we are totally up for it. WOW, this is really happening. Yeah God! If you want to give us a call feel free as well. (608-219-4190)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adoption Situations

My friend Sarah gave me some great websites to look at to find "Adoption Situations" which are little blurbs about the gender, ethnicity of parents, and when the child is due. I found a few that I am so excited about. I have been making calls to different agencies all day. I am simply waiting now to hear back. I have a lot of questions for the agencies about the "situations". I want to know more about the medical history, where they are located, the price they are expecting for the adoption, as well as how open they expect the adoption to be. One of the little baby girls is due Oct. Dan and I have a desire to have the baby due no later than Dec. God is paving the way and I am excited to meet our baby. This is really happening fast but it is probably better that way so I don't have time to worry to much about the unknowns because the unknowns are getting answered quickly. God is so good and his plan is amazing. Thanks God.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Second Home Study Meeting

We finished our second home study meeting. It was again a great visit. This visit was spent talking with Dan about his family history as well as what we are looking for in a child. We just want a healthy baby. Today we went to look at baby stuff. I got a little overwhelmed with all the stuff we need and how much things cost. I think I found the bedding I wanted at Target. I also went in to get my physical done for the adoption. Everything went well. I am healthy and ready to be a mother. Next week is our last home study meeting and then we will be able to begin looking for our baby. I think it is all sinking in that this could happen very quickly from here on out. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this process.