Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oct 20th Update

Liliana is doing great. She is now 2 lbs 9 oz and 15 inches long. She is gaining about 1 oz a day. They also just increased her calorie intake to 28. She should be 3 lbs in no time. I hope you all enjoy the videos. It has been great to see Lili grow.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liliana Update

My Mom is now back in Wisconsin and I am staying with another family. Everyone here has been so wonderful. Yesterday was a rough day for mommy. Liliana threw up twice while I was holding her. I wanted to cry. It even came out of her nose with the oxygen on. I was terrified. The nurses reassured me that everything was ok and that the oxygen was leaving a little bit of water inside which is why they think she threw up. Today she was awesome. Her heart rate stayed good and didn't go up and down a lot like yesterday. Ok, I have to tell this funny story. While I was changing her diaper she pooped and it squirted all the way to the other side of the bed. It was hilarious. I guess when you got to go you got to go. Anyway, she is doing really good and she is now at 2lbs 6oz. She is gaining about an oz. a day. She doesn't look that different yet but I am sure she will start looking like she is gaining weight. Today is a good day and I hold on to the good days so I am able to make it through the difficult ones. Thanks for all your prayers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on Liliana

Last night Lili was taken off her oxygen. YEAH!!! She is now two wires down, her iv and oxygen. Now we just have to get her eating from a bottle. They think that will be at about 32 weeks. She is about 29 weeks right now. She was even given a bigger nuk today so she can start getting ready to suck from a bottle. She is a good sucker and it really seems to sooth her. Liliana is growing up so fast. Ha Ha. She is still 2lbs 3oz. We are hoping she will start gaining weight soon. Everyone says she is doing great and it is so exciting to see her getting better day by day. We will keep you updated as best as we can.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's now Tuesday, October 6th. Mimi is transcribing while I do "Kangaroo Kare" with Lili. We flew into San Antiono on Friday and went directly to the hospital. I was able to hold her immediately for an hour. What a surreal feeling it was.

God blessed us with a family to stay with. Dan and Cynthia Brown are friends of John and Nina (Dan's parents) and they pastor a church here in San Antonio. What a blessing they have been. They have a swimming pool, so I get some exercise every day.

Lili is doing great! Her feedings have increased to 11 cc's - she was at 1 cc when I first saw her. I even think her fingers are getting chubby. So far, we've had more good news than bad news with her health. The nurses have been so helpful.

I'm off to give my first bath to Lili tonight.